Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheese Please!

One of my favorite things about Switzerland is their love of cows. I mean those guys are everywhere. At the highest tops of mountains, right outside your hotel room, along the highway, in front of an uber-modern factory, just chomping away.

 On our recent Switzerland roadtrip we randomly decided to stop at a small town to explore. Among the beautiful chalet-style houses with yards full of apple trees and flowers, we were amazed to discover a vending machine filled with milk, cheese, sausage and fresh eggs. It was incredible! The best of the country right at your fingertips! 

Our ultimate destination, the picturesque town of Gimmelwald, also had several neatly manicured plots of land with sheep, goats and cows roaming around. While wandering through it we saw signs for local, fresh mountain cheese (alpkase) so we followed them into the entry way of a house that had a little refrigerator set up where we could take whatever item we wanted and leave the proper amount of money in return. Talk about a low-carbon footprint!

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